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FIGURE 11.28
The Calendar Options dialog box.
The next section of the Calendar Options dialog box includes options for a variety of things:
n Show “Click to Add” Prompts on the Calendar: If this option is selected, Outlook will
display prompts on the calendar where you can click to add an appointment.
n Show Week Numbers...: If this option is selected, Outlook will display week numbers
(the week of the year) where indicated. An example is shown in Figure 11.29.
n Allow Attendees to Propose...: If this option is selected, people whom you invite to
meetings are allowed to respond by proposing a new time for the meeting.
n Use This Response...: Select from the list to specify whether new meeting times that you
propose are marked as Tentative, Accept, or Decline.
n Default Color: Select the color to use for the calendar display.
n Use Selected Color...: If this option is selected, the color you choose will be used for all
calendars you view, not just your own calendar.
n Planner Options: Click this button to display the Planner Options dialog box where you
can set options for the Meeting Planner and Group Schedule features. These options were
discussed earlier in this chapter .
n Add Holidays: Lets you copy holidays for one or more specific countries onto your
calendar. You select the country or countries from a list.
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