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Outlook tells you whether a proposed meeting time conflicts with an existing appointment.
Meeting Request Options
There are two options that you can change before sending a meeting request. You access them by
clicking the Responses button in the Attendees section of the ribbon:
n Request Responses: This is on by default. If you turn it off, your meeting invitation will
be an informative message with the time, date, subject, and place of the meeting, but no
request for a response. If the recipient accepts the meeting, it will be added to his
calendar but no response will be sent to the meeting organizer.
n Allow New Time Proposals: This option determines whether meeting invitees are allowed
to respond by proposing a new time for the meeting. Its default setting is on or off
depending on the setting of the calendar option Allow Attendees to Propose New Times for
Meetings You Organize, as described later in this chapter in the section “Setting Meeting
Options.” This option is not available if the Request Responses option is turned off.
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