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Responding to a meeting invitation.
In some respects, a meeting invitation is like a regular email message — you can reply to it, forward
it, categorize it, and so on. Note that Outlook displays a message just below the ribbon if the
meeting conflicts with something already on your calendar. There are four special buttons on the ribbon
that let you respond to the invitation.
n Accept: Accept the invitation and add the meeting to your calendar. Outlook displays the
dialog box shown in Figure 12.6. The options have to do with the response, if any, that is
sent to the person who sent you the invitation:
n Edit the Response Before Sending: Lets you add text or otherwise edit the response
before sending it.
n Send the Response Now: Sends the response immediately.
n Don’t Send a Response: No response is sent.
Click the Tentative button to accept the invitation and add the meeting to your calendar as “tenta-
tive.” Outlook displays the same dialog box as shown in Figure 12.6, where you select response
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