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Options when responding to a meeting invitation.
Click the Decline button to decline the invitation. Nothing is added to your calendar. You
areoffered the same response options as described earlier for Accept.
Click the Propose New Time button if you want to either decline the meeting or accept tentatively
while proposing a new time. Outlook opens the Scheduling window and displays your free/busy
time as well as the free/busy time of other invitees for whom the information is available. Select
the time you want to propose and click the Propose Time button. Outlook creates a new email
message with the proposed time information, addressed to the person who sent you the invitation.
Tracking Meeting Invitations
When you have requested responses to a meeting invitation, each response sent will appear in your
Inbox. In addition, Outlook automatically registers the response and keeps track of all responses
to a particular meeting. You can view this information by opening the meeting (double-click it in
Calendar view) and then clicking the Tracking button in the Show section of the ribbon. The
Tracking window, shown in Figure 12.7, lists all the people who were invited to the meeting,
whether they are a required or an optional attendee, and their response (if any). In the figure, for
example, you can see that Wanda Jackson has not yet responded to the invitation.
Meeting Response Handling Options
The behavior described in this section for handling responses to meeting requests is based on
Outlook’s default settings. You can change how responses to meeting requests are handled as
described later in this chapter in the section “Setting Meeting Options.”
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