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Tracking responses to a meeting invitation.
Working with Existing Meetings
A meeting on your calendar can be either a meeting that you organized or a meeting that someone
else organized and invited you to.
When you open a meeting that you organized, you can modify various aspects of the meeting
including the subject, time, and location. Then, click the Send Update button to send the revised
information to all attendees. Other actions you can take are
n Click the Cancel Meeting button in the Actions section of the ribbon to cancel the
meeting and send a cancellation message to all attendees. The recipient can open the message
and click the Remove from Calendar button to remove the cancelled meeting from her
n Click the Add or Remove Attendees button in the Attendees section of the ribbon to add
or remove attendees. Then, click the Send Update button. You have the option of sending
updates only to added and deleted attendees or to all attendees. Attendees you add
receive a regular meeting invitation, and deleted attendees receive a message saying the
meeting was cancelled.
n Click the Message to Attendees button to create a regular email message or reply
addressed to all meeting attendees.
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