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Removing Meeting Attendees
When you remove a previously invited attendee from a meeting, the message he receives says the
meeting was cancelled, which is not the case. Also, you are not able to include a note with the
message explaining why he has been uninvited. This has the unfortunate potential to cause
misunderstandings when a person finds out that a meeting was not actually cancelled but was held without
them. Sending a separate email explaining the situation may be advisable in some situations.
When you open a meeting that someone else invited you to, a message is displayed just below the
ribbon with information about whether you have responded. For example, the meeting shown in
Figure 12.8 indicates the meeting was accepted on December 14.
Setting options for meeting requests.
When the meeting is open, you can change the subject, location, and date/time, although doing so
makes little sense seeing that you are not the meeting organizer. You can also change your response.
For example, suppose that you had initially accepted the meeting but something important has
come up that will prevent you from attending. You can click Decline to send another response to
the organizer informing her of your change in plans.
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