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Setting Meeting Options
Outlook has several options that affect the way meeting requests and responses work. Some of
these options are found in the Calendar Options dialog box. To view and change these options:
Select Options from the Tools menu to display the Options dialog box.
If necessary, click the Preferences tab.
Click the Calendar Options button to display the Calendar Options dialog box (see
Figure 12.9).
Set options as described next.
Click OK twice to close all dialog boxes.
Setting options for meeting requests.
Two of the meeting-related options are in the Calendar Options section of this dialog box:
n Allow Attendees to Propose New Times for Meetings You Organize: If this option is
turned on, people to whom you send meeting invitations can propose new times for the
meeting. If not, they will not have this option available to them.
n Use This Response When You Propose New Meeting Times: If this option is selected,
the widely supported iCalendar format is used for the response when you propose a new
meeting time. If not, the less widely supported Outlook format is used. You should leave
this option on unless you have a specific reason for turning it off.
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