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The third option is in the Advanced Options section, and determines the format used for sending
meeting requests. Again, unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise, you should leave this
option turned on so that the more widely supported iCalendar format will be used.
Other options are located in the Tracking Options dialog box. To display this dialog box (which is
shown in Figure 12.10):
Select Options from the Tools menu to display the Options dialog box.
If necessary, click the Preferences tab.
Click the E-mail Options button to display the E-mail Options dialog box.
Click the Tracking Options button.
The relevant options are
n Process Requests and Responses on Arrival: If this option is selected, Outlook
automatically processes responses to invitations when they arrive — that is, records the
response in the tracking section of the meeting request. If not, you will have to open
the response message and manually process it.
n Delete Blank Voting and Meeting Responses After Processing: If this option is selected,
Outlook automatically deletes blank meeting responses after processing. A blank response
is one to which the sender has not added text.
FIGURE 12.10
Setting options for handling responses to meeting requests.
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