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FIGURE 13.11
Notes displayed in Notes List view.
The last item on the Current View list in the toolbar is Define Views. Selecting this command lets
you define custom views for notes. This feature is explained in full in Chapter 19.
Searching Notes
As your collection of notes grows, you’ll find it useful to be able to search your notes to find just the
information that you are looking for. Searching is similar in some respects to defining a filter for
Notes view, as was discussed in the previous section. It provides additional power and flexibility,
however, and the two used together are even more powerful.
To perform a basic search that matches your search words to the content of the notes, type the
search term into the search box (see Figure 13.12) or click the adjacent down arrow to select from
previous searches. Outlook searches your notes and displays any notes that contain a match, with
the search term highlighted, as shown in the figure. If you have a filter applied to your notes, the
search will look only in notes that the filter displays.
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