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Using Journal View
To view your Journal, select Journal from the Go menu or press Ctrl+8. The default Journal view
lists entries by type — Word document, phone call, and so on. This is shown in Figure 14.1. You
can see that:
n An automatic entry for an email message is listed by the message subject.
n An automatic entry for an Office document is listed by the document name.
n A manual entry — the two phone call entries in the figure — is listed by the subject that
you assigned to the Journal entry.
In the By Type view, Journal entries are displayed on a timeline. In the figure, for example, you can
see that the Journal entries for a single day — Monday, December 11 — are displayed with the hours
of the day across the top of the display. You can scroll the display to bring earlier or later time
periods into view using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Journal display. You can also
display different time periods by clicking the Today, Day, Week, or Month button on the toolbar.
The default Journal view lists entries by type.
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