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By Contact View
When you select the By Contact view, Outlook organizes your Journal entries according to the contact
that is associated with them. This is shown in Figure 14.3. Some entries may not have an associated
contact, and they will be listed at the top.
Some Journal entries are associated with a contact automatically. For example, if you are tracking
email messages in the Journal using the Automatic Tracking feature, each entry is associated with
the recipient of the email message. You can also manually assign a contact to a Journal entry, as
explained later in this chapter.
Entry List View
Entry List view provides a sortable list of all Journal entries, as shown in Figure 14.4. The type of
each entry is indicated by the icon in the left column. You can sort the list on any column by
clicking the column heading once (for ascending order) or twice (for descending order). The current
sort column is marked by an arrow in the column heading (the Start column in the figure).
Viewing Journal entries by contact.
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