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Viewing Journal entries as a list.
You can see that in Entry List view, some entries have an attachment icon (paper clip) displayed in
the second column. This indicates that the entry has a document associated with it. For example,
an automatic entry for a Word session will be associated with the document you worked on, and
an entry for an email message will have the message linked to it. Other Journal entries, such as for
a phone call, do not have an associated document.
Other Journal Views
There are several other Journal views you can select. They are explained briefly here:
n By Category: Organizes entries by the category (if any) they are assigned to.
n Last Seven Days: Displays only those entries for the past seven days.
n Phone Calls: Displays only entries of type phone call.
n Outlook Data File: Organizes entries by the Outlook data file they are in. This is relevant
only if you have two or more Outlook data files.
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