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Searching the Journal
As you use the Journal, the number of entries will grow to the point where it’s hard to find
information by simply scrolling through it. You can use the Search feature to filter the Journal to show
just the information you want. For example, you could filter to show only Journal entries where
the Company field is “Acme Widgets” and the Start field is last month — enabling you to total the
time spent on the Acme Widget project last month.
For a basic search, enter your search term in the Search Journal box at the top right of the Journal
display (see Figure 14.6). You can also click the down arrow to select from previously used search
terms. Outlook will automatically search as you enter the term and display only matching Journal
entries (or a message if there are no matching entries). Click the X that is adjacent to the Search
box to cancel the search and return to displaying all Journal items.
Performing a basic search of the Journal.
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