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Entering Task Details
If you click the Details button in the Show section of the ribbon, Outlook displays the Details
window for the task. This window is shown in Figure 15.6.
Entering details for a new task.
The fields available in the Details window let you keep track of additional information related to
a task. You can specify the completion date, enter information about the time spent on the task,
identify a company associated with the task, track mileage, and enter billing information. Outlook
does not track this information for you, but just provides these detail fields for you to enter it in.
The lower section of the Details window is relevant only if the task has been assigned to someone
and is explained in the next section.
When you have finished entering details for the task, click the Task button on the ribbon to return
to the regular task window. You can also click Save & Close if you have finished defining the task.
Assigning a Task
Outlook lets you assign a task to someone else. This can be useful in a variety of situations such as
when you are heading a committee and need to delegate various jobs to the committee members.
By using Outlook’s Assign Task command you can track progress and be notified when each task
has been completed.
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