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n Accept: Accepts the assignment, adds it to your task list, and notifies the person who
sent you the assignment that you have accepted.
n Decline: Declines the assignment and notifies the person who sent you the assignment
that you have declined.
n Assign Task: Lets you assign the task to a third person who will receive the same
notification and can accept, decline, or assign the task to yet another person. The person who
originally assigned the task to you will be notified of the reassignment.
Receiving Accept/Decline Notifications
When you send a task assignment to someone, one of three things will happen (assuming that the
assignment is not simply ignored!):
n First, the person may accept the task. You’ll receive a message to that effect, and the task
will automatically be updated to reflect that the task was accepted and is now owned by
that person.
n Second, the person may decline the task. You’ll receive an email notification. When you
open this email you can take one of two actions by clicking the corresponding button on
the toolbar:
n Return the Task to Your Task List: You regain ownership of the task.
n Assign Task: Assign the task to someone else.
n Finally, the person you assigned the task to may assign it to someone else. That person
can accept, decline, or reassign the task.
About Task Ownership
A task has, at any given moment, one and only one owner. Owning a task means that you can
assign it to someone else. Here’s how ownership works:
n When you create a task, you are the original owner.
n When you assign the task to someone, they become the temporary owner.
n The person who receives the assignment can do one of three things: (1) Accept the task
and become the owner, (2) Decline the task and return ownership to you, or (3) Assign
the task to a third person who then becomes the temporary owner.
If you assign a task to someone and that person declines, ownership passes back to you only when
you reclaim ownership by returning the task to your task list — it does not happen automatically.
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