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Viewing Tasks on the Calendar
The Outlook Calendar can display the daily task list along with your appointments. The daily task
list is displayed below the appointment section of the Calendar as shown in Figure 15.11. You have
three options as to how the daily task list is displayed:
n Normal , as shown in the figure, with task subjects, categories, and follow-up flags.
n Minimized , which displays the number of active tasks for the displayed time period
without any details.
n Off , which does not display the list.
To switch between daily task list views, display the Outlook Calendar, choose Daily Task List from
the View menu, and then select the desired view from the next menu. This menu also lets you
specify whether to display tasks by due date (the default) or start date, and whether to show
completed tasks.
FIGURE 15.11
Viewing the daily task list on the Outlook Calendar.
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