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Setting Task Options
Outlook offers several options that relate to the way tasks and task assignments work. To view and
change these options, select Options from the Tools menu to display the Options dialog box. One
task option is located on the Preferences tab, as shown in Figure 15.12. It specifies what time of day
a reminder is displayed for a task that is due today (only for tasks with a reminder set, of course).
FIGURE 15.12
The Task Options section of the Preferences tab in the Options dialog box.
The other task options are accessed by clicking the Task Options button on the Preferences tab
to open the Task Options dialog box, shown in Figure 15.13. The first two options determine the
colors used to display overdue tasks and completed tasks — the default colors are red and dark
gray, respectively. The other options are
n Keep Updated Copies...: If selected, Outlook maintains updated copies of tasks you
have assigned on your task list.
n Send Status Reports...: If selected, Outlook automatically sends a status report when
you mark as completed a task that you have been assigned.
n Set Reminders...: If selected, Outlook automatically sets a reminder for all tasks that you
create with a due date.
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