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RSS Aggregators?
You may have heard the term RSS aggregator and wondered what it is. Nothing special — it just
refers to a program, such as Outlook, that lets you subscribe to and view RSS feeds.
Subscribing to an RSS Feed
In Outlook, an RSS feed is considered to be a kind of account. Accordingly, you subscribe to feeds
and edit or delete existing subscriptions in the Account Settings dialog box. To display RSS feed
accounts, select Account Settings from the Tools menu and click the RSS Feeds tab. The dialog box
is shown in Figure 16.1. In the figure, there are several RSS feeds listed, but if you are just getting
started the list will be empty.
You use the Account Settings dialog box to work with RSS feed accounts.
To subscribe to an RSS feed you must know its URL. This is similar to the URL for a web page and
will have this general form:
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