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Once you have the URL of the RSS feed, here’s how to subscribe Outlook to the feed:
On the RSS Feeds tab of the Account Settings dialog box, click the New button to display
the New RSS Feed dialog box (see Figure 16.3).
Paste or type the feed URL into the box.
Select Add to display the RSS Feed Options dialog box as shown in Figure 16.4.
Set options as described here (although these options rarely need changing):
n Feed Name: You can accept the default feed name or enter your own. This name is
displayed in Outlook to identify the feed.
n Change Folder: If you want to change the folder where download feed items are kept,
click this button. There is rarely a reason to do this.
n Automatically Download Enclosures...: If you select this option, any enclosures that
the RSS feed provides will be downloaded automatically when the feed is updated and
not just when you view the feed.
n Download the Full Article...: If you select this option, full articles will be
downloaded automatically when the feed is updated rather than just on demand when you
open them. This increases update time but lets you read articles when you are offline.
n Update Limit: If this option is selected (recommended), the RSS feed will be updated
at the publisher’s recommended interval. If you turn this option off, Outlook may try
to update the feed more often, which can cause your subscription to be cancelled.
Click OK to return to the Account Settings dialog box.
Click Close to close the Account Settings dialog box.
Subscribing to a new RSS feed.
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