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Use AutoPreview to display titles and summaries of RSS feed items.
When you open an RSS item by double-clicking it, it opens it its own window as shown in Figure
16.8. You can see that a summary of the article is displayed as well as a link to the full article (the
link says “View Article”). At this point there are two slightly different things that you can do to read
the article and any associated content:
n View the article: By clicking the View Article link you display the article in your default
browser. This is just like viewing a web page.
n Download the article and any content: By clicking the Download Content button on
the ribbon and then selecting Download Article, you download a copy of the article to
your computer. It displays as an attachment to the RSS item, as shown in Figure 16.9.
You can open this attachment to view in your browser.
The difference here is that in the second case you have a local copy of the article on your computer,
whereas in the first case you do not. Note that if you select the Download the Full Article option
when setting up the RSS feed account, this download happens automatically.
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