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Sharing Feeds with Other Outlook 2007 Users
When someone receives a Share This Feed invitation from you, the message contains the URL of
the feed. Most people will have to add this URL to their RSS feed program manually, but
Outlook 2007 users can click an Add This RSS Feed link to quickly add the feed to their RSS
accounts list.
Other actions you can take with an open RSS item include:
n Forward: Click the Forward button on the ribbon to create a new email message with the
article summary in the body and the full article attached. You can edit the message,
address it, and send it to other people.
n Share This Feed: Click the Share This Feed button on the toolbar to create a new email
message that contains information about the RSS feed. Then, address and send the
message to whomever you desire. The recipients can then subscribe to the feed if they find it
Deleting and Changing RSS Feeds
To delete an RSS feed, you can right-click it in the folders list and select Delete from the context
menu. You can also display the RSS Feeds tab of the Account Settings dialog box (select Account
Settings from the Tools menu), click the RSS Feeds tab, click the feed you want to delete, and click
You can also modify the settings for a feed by selecting it in on the RSS Feeds tab of the Account
Settings dialog box and clicking Change. The RSS Feed Options dialog box is displayed (shown
earlier in Figure 16.4) where you can make the desired changes.
Importing or Exporting
Groups of RSS Feeds
Outlook supports the ability to import and export collections of RSS feed configuration
information. This information is stored in an XML file that has the .opml extension (which stands for
Outline Processor Markup Language). This file can be forwarded by email or stored on a central
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