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server and made available to employees. For example, a stock brokerage firm could put together a
list of RSS feeds that it thinks would be useful to its brokers.
Exporting RSS Feed Information
To export an RSS feed collection:
Select Import and Export from the File menu to display the Import and Export Wizard
(see Figure 16.10).
Select Export RSS Feeds to an OPML File.
Click Next. Outlook displays a list of RSS feeds that are defined in Outlook — in other
words, feeds that you have subscribed to (see Figure 16.11).
Put checkmarks next to the RSS feeds you want to export and clear those that you do not
want to export.
Click Next.
Enter the name of the file to export to, or click the Browse button to change folders and
specify a name, then click Save.
Click Next to complete the export process.
FIGURE 16.10
Exporting RSS feed information to an OPML file.
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