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No Categorize Button?
If the Categorize button is not visible or is grayed out, it is probably because you do not have an
item, such as an email message or task, selected. Because this button is also used to assign
categories to items, it makes no sense to have it available if an item is not selected.
The Color Categories dialog box.
n To rename a category, click it and then click the Rename button. Edit the name as desired
and press Enter. The new name applies to all items that have already been assigned this
category as well as to new items.
n To delete a category, select it and click Delete.
n To create a new category, click the New button to display the Add New Category dialog
box (see Figure 17.4). Enter a name for the category, select its color, and if desired select a
shortcut key, then click OK.
n To change an existing category’s color, select the category and choose from the Color list.
Though Outlook does not prevent you from using the same color with two or more
categories, it is not recommended.
n To assign a shortcut key to a category, select the category and choose a shortcut key from
the list. The available shortcut keys are Ctrl in combination with the function keys F2
through F12. You can use a shortcut key to assign a category to a selected Outlook item
without using the menus or toolbar. To unassign a shortcut key, select (none) from the list.
When finished, click OK.
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