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No Instant Messaging?
Strictly speaking, Outlook by itself does not support instant messaging. You can, however, use
Outlook in conjunction with any of several compatible IM services.
Even though you may already be addicted to email, here’s a look at some of the reasons it is so
popular and why Outlook is such a powerful email client:
n Fast — email messages are delivered nearly anywhere in the world almost instantly.
Neither the post office nor FedEx can say that!
n Convenient — you can read email messages at your convenience, which is a lot better
than being interrupted by the phone every five minutes.
n Free — there’s no cost for sending or receiving messages. At most you’ll pay a modest fee
for your email account, but it’s still a lot cheaper than long distance.
n Flexible — in addition to messages you can use email to send photos and other
documents to friends, family, and business associates.
n Forms — Outlook lets you design email forms for exchanging specific information.
n Record keeping — Outlook provides powerful tools for organizing and archiving your
received and sent messages.
Email is an important aspect of most people’s work and personal lives. With Outlook you have a tool
that lets you work with email in an efficient and intuitive manner.
Who could survive in today’s connected world without email? Messaging is at the heart of Outlook’s
capabilities, and you’ll even find some people who use Outlook for email and nothing else —
although that’s a waste in my opinion. In Outlook, the term messaging refers specifically to email —
Outlook does not work with instant messaging, chat, or other forms of electronic communication.
Managing Contacts
Information management is Outlook’s other main focus, and managing your contacts is an
important aspect of that. Outlook’s contact management feature is really just a sophisticated address
book, but it is designed to be extremely flexible. Figure 1.1 shows an Outlook contact form with
an individual’s information filled in. This information includes:
n Name, title, and company.
n Phone numbers for business, home, FAX, and mobile.
n Addresses (business, home, and other).
n A photo.
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