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Displaying only those tasks in the Personal category.
Sending Messages with Categories
You can easily assign email messages that you have received to a category, as explained earlier in
this chapter. You can also assign messages that you send to a category before you send them. There
are three reasons you might want to do this:
n The copy of the message in your Sent Items folder are assigned to that category and can
be organized and filtered based on category, as described earlier in this chapter.
n The message the recipient gets is assigned to that category without their having to do
n The category is added to the recipient’s category list (if not already there).
There’s a potential fly in the ointment, however. Many installations of Outlook have a rule defined
that automatically removes any categories from received messages (Outlook rules are covered in
Chapter 9). If this rule is active, you’ll never know if someone sends you a message with a category
assigned. For reasons that are not clear, Microsoft recommends that you keep this rule active. If
you choose, however, you can turn it off as follows:
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