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In Depth Information
n Email addresses (as many as needed).
n Web page address.
n Instant messaging address.
Of course a contact entry need not include all this information — many will consist of just a name
and email address. However, the capability to enter as much or as little information as needed
provides you with great flexibility.
An Outlook contact can contain a wide variety of information.
The real beauty of Outlook contacts is that you can easily use and reuse the information in so
many ways. This follows the philosophy that you should have to enter any piece of information
just once and then be able to use it wherever and whenever it is needed. Among the things you can
do with contact information are
n Address email messages.
n Print envelopes for postal mail.
n Automatically dial a contact’s phone number (if your system is equipped with a dialer).
n Share contact information with other people.
n Associate contacts with tasks and schedules.
I am always finding new uses for Outlook contacts — it’s a great tool.
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