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New email folders can also be created in a hierarchical structure by placing folders within other folders.
Now you can get to the details of creating a new email folder. Here are the steps to follow:
If necessary, click the Mail button on the navigation pane to display the mail folders.
If you want the new folder at the top level, right-click Personal Folders (or whatever
name you have assigned to the top level). Otherwise, right-click the folder that you want
the new folder in.
Select New Folder from the context menu. Outlook displays the Create New Folder dialog
box (see Figure 18.4). The location for the new folder is shaded in the folder display —
Inbox in the figure, for example. You can, if necessary, change the location at this point.
Type the name of the new folder in the Name box.
Make sure that Mail and Post Items is selected in the Folder Contains list.
Click OK.
The new folder is created and you can start using it to store mail items.
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