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You can create new Task folders if you wish, but be forewarned that task items you
move from the default task folder to a new folder will not be updated if you have
assigned the task to someone else and receive accept, decline, or progress update messages.
Organizing Folders in Groups
Outlook folders that are not email folders can be organized into groups. This is similar in concept
to organizing email folders by their location in the folder hierarchy, but the procedures are a bit
By default, every category of non-email item has a single group with a name such as My Contacts,
My Tasks, and so on. If you create new folders, they are displayed as part of this default group. For
example, Figure 18.7 shows the contact folders after adding four new folders to the default
Contacts folder. They are all part of the default My Contacts group (which can be expanded or
collapsed using the adjacent arrow).
All folders for non-email items are initially part of the default group, My Contacts in this figure.
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