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You say that you have a really busy life? That’s a common complaint these days — everyone seems
to have more and more to do. It’s a lot easier if you can organize your time and find a way to keep
track of important tasks. Outlook has two related features, the calendar and tasks, that can greatly
simplify the job of managing your schedule.
Figure 1.2 shows Outlook’s calendar display. This is a workweek display but you can customize it
to show 7-day weeks, single days, or the entire month. The top section is the calendar per se,
which shows appointments — items that have a specific start and end time. The lower section
shows tasks, items on your to-do list that don’t have a specific time frame associated with them
(although they may have a due date).
Outlook’s calendar displays both appointments and tasks.
Outlook’s calendar is much more than a day-timer or similar paper appointment book. Some of its
features are
n You can easily schedule a recurring appointment such as the department meeting that is
from 9:00 to 10:00 every 2nd Monday.
n You can have it remind you of appointments with a popup message on your screen.
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