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Working with Folders, Groups, and Items
This section covers the everyday tasks that you’ll need to perform with your folders, groups, and
Outlook items in order to keep them organized.
Viewing Folder Contents
When you switch from one type of item to another — for example, from viewing mail items to
viewing contact items — Outlook automatically displays the contents of one folder, usually the default
one, in the main Outlook window. To view the contents of another folder (also called opening the
n Click the folder to display its contents in the main window.
n Right-click the folder and select Open in New Window to view the folder’s contents in a
new window.
You can open as many new windows as you want. When you close a window, Outlook remains
running as long as at least one window is open.
Moving or Copying Items
Outlook lets you move or copy items between folders. For some types of items, only moving is
allowed, not copying. To move or copy one or more items, you must first select them:
n To select a single item , click it.
n To select multiple contiguous items , click the first item then hold down the Shift key
and click the last item.
n To select multiple non-contiguous items , click the first item then hold down the Ctrl
key and click each additional item.
n To select all items in the folder , press Ctrl+A. You can then deselect individual items
with Shift+Click.
n To deselect multiple items , release any key and click any non-selected item.
Now you can move/copy the selected items in one of several ways:
n Drag the item or group of items to the destination folder and drop.
n Select Cut (to move) or Copy from the Edit menu. Then, open the destination folder and
select Paste from the Edit menu.
n Select Move to Folder from the Edit menu. Outlook opens the Move Items dialog box,
shown in Figure 18.10. Select the destination folder from the list and click OK. You can
also click the New button in this dialog box to create a new folder.
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