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FIGURE 18.12
Moving a contacts folder to a new location.
Creating a New Personal Folders File
By default, Outlook has a single personal folders file called Personal Folders and with the filename
Outlook.PST. In many cases, there will be a second personal folders file named Archive.PST used
for archiving expired items (archiving is explained later in this chapter). You can also create
additional personal folders files if you wish.
Why would you want to have more than one personal folders file? Here are a few reasons that
people use multiple personal folder files:
n For backup and archiving. You can create a second personal folders file and move items
to it for backup. This reduces clutter in your main Personal Folders file while keeping the
items in case you should need them at some future date.
n For organization. You may want to keep all items for a large project in their own file and
use the default file for all other items.
n For transfer. If you use a desktop computer as well as a laptop, you can have your
default PST file as well as a second one that is transferred between the two computers.
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