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To create a new personal folders file:
Select New from the File menu, then select Outlook Data File. Outlook displays the
dialog box shown in Figure 18.13 where you select the format of the file.
Most users should select Office Outlook Personal Folders File. Select Outlook 97-2002
Personal Folders File only if you need the new file to be compatible with these older
versions of Outlook.
Click OK. Outlook displays the Create or Open Outlook Data File dialog box, shown in
Figure 18.14.
The default location is the same folder where the default Personal Folders file is kept (as
explained earlier in this chapter). You can accept this location or select another one.
Enter a descriptive name in the File Name box.
Click OK. Outlook displays the Create Microsoft Personal Folders dialog box (see Figure
Enter the display name for the file in the Name box. This is not the filename but the
name displayed in Outlook.
If you want to password-protect the file, enter the password in the Password and Verify
Password boxes.
Select the Save This Password option if you want Outlook to remember your password so
you do not have to enter it each time you open the file.
Click OK.
When you password-protect an Outlook data file, having Outlook remember your
password may be convenient but it sort of defeats the purpose of password protection.
FIGURE 18.13
Selecting the format for a new personal folders file.
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