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After you have created a new personal folders file, it is displayed in the navigation pane along with
your Personal Folders file and archive file (if you have one) as shown in Figure 18.16. You can
close the file by right-clicking it and selecting Close from the context menu. To open a personal
folders file, select Open from the File menu, then select Outlook Data File from the next menu.
FIGURE 18.16
Additional personal folder files are displayed in the navigation pane.
Setting Personal Folder File Options
Each personal file folder has a few options, or properties , that you can change if desired. To access
these properties, right-click the file in the navigation pane and select Properties from the context
menu. Outlook will display the XXXX Properties dialog box as shown in Figure 18.17 (where
XXXX is the name of the file). The items on the General tab are
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