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FIGURE 18.18
Setting the home page for a personal folders file.
n Turn the Show Home Page option off: The main window displays blank when the file is
n Turn the Show Home Page option on and use the default address: The main window
displays Outlook Today with a summary of tasks and messages.
n Turn the Show Home Page option on and enter another address: The main window
displays the page, which can be local or remote. You can type in a URL or use the Browse
button to find a local file.
Click the Restore Defaults button to return to the default address of the Outlook Today page.
You can customize the Outlook Today page to meet your needs. This topic is covered in
Chapter 19.
Using the Search Folders
Search folders are an Outlook tool that lets you automate the process of finding certain email messages.
A search folder is a virtual folder that displays messages that meet certain criteria. You can display
messages from certain people, messages with specified words in the subject or body, messages with
attachments, messages with importance marked as high — the possibilities are seemingly endless.
What do I mean by virtual ? It means that the search folder does not actually contain the message
but only displays it — the message itself remains in its original folder such as the Inbox.
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