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The Default Search Folders
Outlook is installed with three default search folders, located in the folder Search Folders. They are
n Categorized Mail displays all mail items that have been assigned a color category.
n Large Mail displays all messages larger than 100 KB.
n Unread Mail displays messages that have not been read.
The default folders are not set in stone — you can delete them, rename them, and redefine their
criteria, as explained next. You cannot, however, move them.
Adding a Predefined Search Folder
Outlook comes with a number of predefined search folders (including the default search folders).
You can add any of these folders as follows:
In Mail view, select New from the File menu, then select Search Folder. Outlook displays
the New Search Folder dialog box (see Figure 18.19).
Click the search folder you want to add.
For some search folders, a Choose button is displayed. Click this button to specify
additional criteria for the search folder. For example, if you select the Mail from Specific People,
you will click the Choose button to select the people whose messages will be displayed in
the search folder.
Use the Search Mail In list to select the personal folders file the search folder will search.
A search folder can be associated with only one source PST file.
Click OK.
FIGURE 18.19
Adding a predefined search folder.
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