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The new search folder is added to the Search Folders folder.
Adding a Custom Search Folder
If the predefined search folders do not meet your needs, you can define a custom search folder:
In Mail view, select New from the File menu, then select Search Folder. Outlook displays
the New Search Folder dialog box (shown earlier in Figure 18.19).
Scroll down and select Create a Custom Search Folder.
Click the Choose button to display the Custom Search Folder dialog box (see Figure 18.20).
Enter a name for the search folder in the Name box. It is advisable to use a descriptive
If necessary, click the Browse button to select the personal folders file that this search
folder will be connected to.
Click the Criteria button to display the Search Folder Criteria dialog box (see Figure 18.21).
Use the three tabs in this dialog box to define criteria as follows:
n On the Messages tab, define criteria that involve words in the message subject or body,
the person the message is from or is sent to, and the time of the message.
n On the More Choices tab, define criteria that involve the message’s read status,
attachments, importance level, flag status, or size.
n On the Advanced tab, define criteria that involve custom message fields.
When you are finished defining criteria, click OK twice to close all dialog boxes.
FIGURE 18.20
Defining a custom search folder.
Customizing a Search Folder
T o customize an existing search folder, right-click it and select Customize from the context menu.
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