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“Undeleting” Items
If an item has not been permanently deleted — that is, if it is still in the Deleted Items folder — you
can “undelete” it by moving it back to its original folder (or another folder of the same type).
FIGURE 18.23
Setting options for emptying the Deleted Items folder.
AutoArchiving Outlook Items
AutoArchive is an Outlook tool that can automatically archive mail messages and other items based on
their age. It is based on the premise that there are many Outlook items that you will probably never
need but don’t want to permanently delete just in case. By moving these items to an archive, they no
longer clog up your personal folders but are available when and if you need them. AutoArchive can
also permanently delete items that you are sure you will not need again.
Items archived are kept in a separate PST file called, appropriately enough, Archive.PST. It is kept
in the same location on your disk as your personal PST file as described earlier in this chapter —
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