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although, unlike the Personal Folders file, you can change this location. After archiving items for
the first time, the archive file appears in your folder list along with your personal folders, as shown
in Figure 18.24.
FIGURE 18.24
Archived items are stored in their own PST file.
An archive file retains the folder structure of your personal folders file, making it easy to find
Deciding What Gets Archived, and When
The archiving process is completely under your control. You do not have to use it at all, but if you do
you can decide which folders are archived, how often the archiving process is run, how old an item
has to be in order to be archived, and so on. Many of these settings are made in the AutoArchive
dialog box, shown in Figure 18.25. To display this dialog box:
Select Options from the Tools menu.
Click the Other tab.
Click the AutoArchive button.
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