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Setting AutoArchive Options for Individual Folders
You may not want all your Outlook items treated the same as regard to archiving. For example, you
may want to keep work-related emails for a longer period than personal emails. You can set
AutoArchive options for individual folders (other than Contacts folders) as follows:
Right-click the folder.
Select Properties from the context menu to display the Properties dialog box for the
Click the AutoArchive tab (see Figure 18.26).
Set options as described in the previous section.
FIGURE 18.26
Setting AutoArchive options for a single folder.
It’s easy for your PST file to grow to a huge size. In and of itself this is not a problem, but
it does slow things down. Deleting unneeded items on a regular basis is a good idea —
and I mean permanently deleting them, not just moving them to the Deleted Items folder. But suppose
you received a message with a large attachment. You want to keep the message but no longer need the
attachment. You can remove the attachment and save space in your PST file by opening the message,
right-clicking the attachment, and selecting Remove from the context menu.
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