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Manually Archiving Outlook Items
You do not have to rely on Outlook’s AutoArchive tool to archive your items. You can manually
move mail messages and other items from your personal folders to the archive folders, using the
techniques explained earlier in this chapter in the section “Moving or Copying Items.” Nor do you
have to use the archive folders — you can create a separate PST file specifically for backup purposes
and move items to it.
Setting Other Folder Options
Each Outlook folder has a set of options, or properties, that determine certain aspects of the folder’s
display and operation. Each folder’s properties are accessed by right-clicking the folder in the
navigation pane and selecting Properties from the context menu. There are some slight differences in the
properties you can change depending on the folder. For example, you can change the name of
folders that you have created but not of Outlook’s default folders such as Inbox and Contacts.
The Properties dialog box has five tabs. The General tab, shown in Figure 18.27, has these settings:
FIGURE 18.27
Setting General properties for a folder.
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