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Customizing Outlook to Suit
the Way You Work
No matter how clever a software company is — and Microsoft is
plenty clever — there’s no way they can design a program that
works just the way everyone wants it to. Recognizing this, Microsoft
has made Outlook very flexible so that you can change many aspects of how
it looks and works to suit you. This is the topic of this chapter.
Customizing the screen
Customizing toolbars
Customizing the menus
Please note that customizing Outlook is not the same as setting program
options, a topic covered Chapter 7 for email-related options and in other
individual chapters as needed. Options affect how the program operates,
whereas customization deals primarily with the screen appearance of the
program and how you enter commands.
Defining custom views
Customizing Outlook Today
Customizing the Outlook Screen
Outlook provides you with many ways to customize the appearance of the
Changing the Size of Screen Elements
Like any Windows program, you can change the size of the main Outlook
window (assuming that it is not maximized to full-screen size) by pointing at
a border or corner of the window and dragging to the desired size. You can
also change the size of certain elements within the window. When you point
at an element that can be dragged to change size, the mouse cursor will
change to two parallel lines with arrow heads:
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