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Viewing Hidden Toolbar Buttons
If the Outlook window is narrower than a toolbar, some of the toolbar buttons will be hidden. To
access these buttons, click the arrow at the right end of the toolbar. Two small dots will be
displayed above this arrow if there are any hidden buttons.
Specifying which buttons a toolbar displays.
Advanced Toolbar Customization
You can go beyond hiding or showing a toolbar’s default buttons to adding essentially any Outlook
command to a toolbar and even creating new, custom toolbars. To do so, click the arrow at the
right end of any toolbar, select Add or Remove Buttons, and then select Customize. You can also
select Customize from the Tools menu. Outlook displays the Customize dialog box. The Toolbars
tab of this dialog box is shown in Figure 19.6. It lists the three default toolbars, the Menu Bar
(which corresponds to the main menu), and any custom toolbars that exist.
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