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The Commands tab of the Customize dialog box.
Customizing Menus
Outlook’s main menu is a special type of toolbar, called the Menu Bar . It too can be customized
although the procedures are slightly different than for toolbars:
Display the Customize dialog box by selecting Customize from the Tools menu.
Click the Commands tab.
Click the menu you want to customize (on the actual Menu Bar, not in the dialog box).
The menu opens. Then:
n To move a command from one menu to another, drag it from the old menu to the new
(which opens) and then drop it in the desired position.
n To move a command to a new position on the same menu, drag it to the new position.
n To place a new command on the menu, drag it from the Commands list in the
Customize dialog box to the desired position on the menu.
n To remove a command from the menu, drag it off the menu and drop it somewhere
else away from the menus.
When finished, click Close to close the Customize dialog box.
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