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Defining Custom Views
In Outlook, you may be viewing mail, contacts, tasks, or any of the other kinds of information that
Outlook supports. Regardless of what you are viewing, the Current View command on the View
menu lists a selection of predefined views you can use. For example, when viewing mail you can
view mail for the last seven days, unread messages, and so on.
In addition to the predefined views, the Current View menu also has two other commands,
Customize Current View and Define Views. These commands let you make modifications to the
predefined views and also to define your own custom views.
Customizing the Current View
When you select Current View from the View menu and then select Customize Current View,
Outlook displays the dialog box shown in Figure 19.10. The title of the dialog box displays
“Customize View XXXX ”, where XXXX is the name of the current view — By Category in the figure.
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