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FIGURE 19.10
The Customize View dialog box.
You can see there are seven buttons that provide access to additional dialog boxes that let you
customize specific aspects of the view. Be aware that for some views, not all these buttons are available
(they are grayed out). This is because some views are more flexible than others and allow for
greater customization. The following sections look at these choices in turn. Remember the
examples shown in the figures are for a specific view — the By Category view for Tasks. When you are
customizing a different view things are likely to look different.
The Show Fields dialog box, shown in Figure 19.11, lets you specify which fields , or pieces of
information, are included in the view. The left side of the dialog box lists the fields that are
available, and the right side lists those that are part of the view definition. You use the Add and Remove
buttons to move fields from one list to the other, and the Move Up and Move Down buttons to
change the order of fields in the view.
Group By
The Group By dialog box, shown in Figure 19.12, lets you determine how items are grouped in the
view. Most views that use grouping will group on a single field — for example, Category. You can
also define subgroups if you want to use the Then By section of this dialog box.
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