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Managing Security Issues
Computer security has unfortunately become a very important topic.
With the almost universal use of the Internet and email, it’s easier
than ever for various kinds of malicious software such as viruses to
spread. Security issues also include message privacy and verification of
people’s identities. Because email is the favored means of spreading such
malware, Outlook users have to be particularly vigilant. This chapter explains
the various tools that Outlook provides to enhance your security.
Protecting against viruses
Understanding Outlook’s
attachment blocking
Implementing macro security
Using certificates and digital
Protecting Against Viruses
Everyone has heard about viruses , those malicious software elements that
infect and harm computer systems. Viruses range from the merely annoying
to the truly disastrous, but they all have one thing in common — you do not
want them on your system! Because viruses often spread by means of email,
Outlook provides you with some defenses against them.
Encrypting and digitally
signing messages
It’s important to understand that Outlook itself does not have any anti-virus
capabilities. An anti-virus program is specialized to detect and remove viruses
and will have a way to automatically download the latest virus definitions so
it can stay up to date. Symantec, Zone Alarm, and McAfee are three of the
better-known publishers of anti-virus software. Most systems have anti-virus
software installed, and part of protecting yourself against viruses that come
with email is to make sure your anti-virus program is configured properly.
Specifically, you should set the anti-virus program’s options so that it always
scans incoming email and attachments for viruses before they get to
Outlook. It’s also advisable to set the program to scan outgoing email and
attachments to prevent you from inadvertently spreading a virus that you
have been infected with through other means (such as a floppy disk).
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