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In Depth Information
Outlook categories are not so much a tool in their own right, like email or the calendar, but they
are a feature that can greatly simplify your use of Outlook. Essentially any of the items that
Outlook works with, such as email messages, appointments, and tasks, can be assigned to a
category. You can use Outlook’s predefined categories or, like most users, create your own such as
Work, Personal, and so on. Assigning categories to these items makes organizing them and finding
needed information a whole lot easier.
Knowing that you have some information is one thing — and finding it can be something quite
different! Outlook provides sophisticated search capabilities within all the various types of
information it works with. Outlook lets you search by category, keyword, date, and other flexible criteria to
locate items in email, tasks, and all the other kinds of information Outlook works with. Instant
Search is integrated into Outlook so it is always available right when you need it.
Getting News and Other Information
Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, is a method for content publishers to make information
available to subscribers. News, sports, blogs, weather — you name it and it is probably available via an
RSS feed. Some other terms for RSS feeds are XML feeds, Web feeds, RSS channels, and syndicated
content. RSS feeds are not new but the ability to read them in Outlook is.
Figure 1.6 shows the MSNBC Headlines RSS feed displayed in Outlook. In some ways an RSS feed
works like email. Each “message” has a subject and content, and can contain links to other material
as well. Outlook provides you with a list of RSS feeds you can subscribe to. You can also subscribe
to other feeds as long as you have the required information.
Unfortunately, security is an important concern these days. The term security encompasses a
number of different things including the following:
n Protecting messages from prying eyes.
n Using digital signatures to guarantee identity.
n Preventing problems caused by malicious attachments and macro code.
n Avoiding infection by viruses and worms.
Although there is no foolproof security solution, Outlook provides a full set of tools that can help
you to minimize your risks.
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