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Select the Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 Compatible option only if you will use the
exported ID with older versions of Internet Explorer.
Select Delete Digital ID from System if you want to completely delete the ID rather than
export it.
Click OK.
Receiving Digitally Signed Messages
When you receive a digitally signed message, the only difference is that the message says “Signed
By XXXX ” (where XXXX is the sender’s email address) in the header, just below the subject line.
You can use such a message to add the sender’s public key to your Contacts list, as explained in the
next section.
Just because a message is signed does not mean that the signature is legitimate. On the same line as
the “Signed By XXXX ” is displayed, Outlook displays a red ribbon icon as shown in Figure 20.4 to
indicate the signature is valid. If the signature is not valid, the message “There are problems with
the signature” is displayed, and you can click a button to view the details. A digital signature could
be invalid because it has expired, the issuing authority has revoked it, or the server that verifies the
certificate is invalid.
This icon indicates that the digital signature in a message is valid.
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