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Viewing RSS feeds in Outlook.
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No matter how well designed it is, no application can be a perfect match for each user’s individual
needs. This is why Outlook provides several customization features that let you tailor it to the way
you work and the tasks you need to perform.
One of these features is VBA programming. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications,
sometimes just called Visual Basic. VBA is a powerful programming language that is built in to Outlook
and the other Office programs such as Word and Excel. VBA provides the developer with access to
all of Outlook’s features and data. You can write programs, or macros, that automate tasks
involving email, contacts, appointments, and so on. When there’s an even modestly complex task that
you perform regularly, automating it with a macro can save you both time and errors. Note that
unlike some other Office programs Outlook does not allow you to record macros — you must
program them manually — but once you understand the basic concepts it’s not particularly difficult.
Another customization feature is userforms. A userform is, in essence, a dialog box that you have
designed for the display and/or input of information. Used as part of a VBA macro, a userform
provides data display and input that is customized for precisely what you need. Figure 1.7 shows a
userform being designed in the form designer.
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