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The Security Properties dialog box.
Of course, a message can be encrypted only when it is going to one or more recipients for whom
you have a certificate. If you request encryption for a message going to people for whom you do
not have a certificate, Outlook displays a message and gives you the option of sending the message
without encryption.
You can also tell Outlook to encrypt all outgoing messages and attachments. Of course, this affects
only messages that you send to people whose public key you have.
Select Trust Center from the Tools menu to open the Trust Center window.
Select E-mail Security from the list on the left.
Select the option Encrypt Contents and Attachments for Outgoing Messages.
Digitally Signing Messages
As with encryption, you can apply digital signatures to individual outgoing messages or to all of them.
To add a digital signature to an individual message:
Create, compose, and address a new email message as usual.
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